On-Demand Webinars

How a Doctorate in Kinesiology Can Advance Your Career

In this webinar, Matthew Buns, PhD, Program Chair of the Graduate Exercise Science Program, discusses the online doctorate in kinesiology at Concordia University St. Paul and how it enables career path opportunities in exercise, fitness, health and wellness. An enrollment specialist also explains the application and admission process.

If you are considering enrolling, this webinar is your perfect chance to get the information you need to make a decision to move forward.

What We Cover

  • Degree Details: Curriculum and learning outcomes
  • How our program gets you to your goal faster for less money
  • What it’s like to be an online student
  • How you can afford to go back to school
  • Our admission process

Note: The webinar does not currently feature updated curricula for the PhD or EdD program. For the most accurate curriculum information, see our PhD or EdD pages.



Returning to Exercise Post-Pandemic

In this talk, Dan Gaz, MSc, discusses how athletes, weekend warriors and the general public can work toward prepandemic levels of physical activity, even when they have experienced long periods of inactivity.

Dan is an instructor in the Department of Exercise Science at Concordia University St. Paul and an Assistant Professor of Medicine and program manager at the Mayo Clinic. He is a Certified Wellness Coach from the Mayo Clinic School of Health Sciences, an ACSM Certified Exercise Physiologist, and a Certified Rhythm Analysis Technician with Cardiovascular Credentialing International.

Topics covered include:

  • How to set realistic goals to return to regular physical activity
  • Resources for home or outdoor gyms
  • Movement recommendations
  • Data that supports exercise after a long downtime

This presentation is part of the series, Return to Play: Strategies for Athletes to Retrain and Recondition without Injury.” This series is for coaches, trainers and athletes of any level who want to learn proven, research-based strategies for athletes to retrain, recondition and return to peak performance in a post-pandemic world. All while avoiding injury.