Bachelor’s in Sport Management

Enter the sports industry with the professional skills you need to thrive. CSP Global’s 100% online BA in Sport Management prepares you for a successful career in sports.

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Sport Management Bachelor’s Program Overview

The Bachelor of Arts in Sport Management integrates principles from sociology, law, business, and marketing to equip students for diverse careers in sports, athletics, recreation, and entertainment. Upon graduation, students can anticipate opportunities in various fields such as sport facility and event management, sport media, sport marketing, sales, and game day operations.

Program Outcomes

  1. Strategically combine sport theory and business concepts to successfully manage a sports team or facility.
  2. Use various research methods to explore principles and concepts in kinesiology and allied health.
  3. Address legal issues in the sport and recreation environment through effective risk management.
  4. Gain expertise in business fundamentals to address challenges and optimize operations in sport management.

Program Curriculum

All undergraduate students must complete the general education requirements. The online Bachelor’s Program in Sport Management mandates completion of 120 credit hours, which encompasses core requirements and fundamental coursework in kinesiology, exercise, and sport management.
  • KHS220 Research Methods (4 credits)
  • KHS375 Sport Sociology (4 credits)
  • KHS390 Sport Management (4 credits)
  • KHS391 Law & Sport (4 credits)
  • KHS392 Sport Marketing & Fundraising (4 credits)
  • KHS393 Planning & Management Sport Facilities (4 credits)
  • KHS394 Sport Business (4 credits)
  • KHS436 Motor Development, Control, and Learning (4 credits)
  • KHS465 Intro to Sport Analytics and AI (4 credits)
  • KHS498 Internship (8: credits can be taken in any increment at any point in program)

Total Program Credits: 44
Total Degree Credits: 120

What Makes CSP Global’s BA in Sport Management Unique?

Here are some of the reasons why our 100% online BA in Sport Management stands out from other undergraduate sport management programs.

Competitive Tuition

CSP Global’s tuition cost is considerably lower than other comparable colleges and universities at $420 per credit hour. We pride ourselves on providing competitive tuition pricing that makes a sport management degree more attainable for our students.

Graduate in as Little as 2 Years

8-week online, asynchronous courses allows you to accelerate your time to degree, while focusing on fewer courses at a time.

Expert Faculty

Gain insights from our accomplished and career-connected faculty, each bringing extensive experience and a wealth of knowledge from their respective fields, leading to a comprehensive education.

Generous Transfer Policy

Students with previous college credit can transfer up to 90 credits towards the BA in Sport Management.

Sport Management Career Outlook

The future looks bright for careers in sport management, offering a wide array of opportunities in sectors such as professional teams, collegiate athletics, marketing agencies, and event management. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for Entertainment and Recreation Managers is projected to increase by 8% in the next decade.

Given its interdisciplinary nature, professionals can explore various paths including marketing, sponsorship, athlete representation, facility management, and media relations. Technological advancements, particularly in data analytics and digital media, are revolutionizing the industry. Moreover, initiatives focused on diversity and inclusion are opening doors for professionals dedicated to championing these values. Overall, the field offers promising prospects for individuals passionate about both sports and business.

Careers with a Bachelor’s in Sport Management

There are many career opportunities for those with a bachelor’s degree in sport management, including:

  • Sports Marketing Specialist: Develops and executes marketing strategies to promote sports events, teams, or products.
  • Athletic Event Coordinator: Plans and oversees logistics for sports events, ensuring smooth execution.
  • Sports Facility Manager: This type of sport manager oversees the operations and maintenance of sports facilities such as stadiums or arenas.
  • Sports Sales Representative: Sells sports-related products, services, or sponsorships to clients or businesses.
  • Sports Sponsorship Coordinator: Secures and manages sponsorship deals between organizations and companies for mutual benefit.
  • Sports Media Coordinator: Coordinates media relations and communication efforts for sports organizations or events.
  • Sports Operations Manager: Manages day-to-day operations of sports organizations, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Athletic Development Officer: Plans and executes fundraising and development initiatives to support athletic programs.
  • Sports Agent Assistant: Assists sports agents in managing client relationships, contracts, and negotiations.

These are just a few examples of the many sport management careers available, with ample opportunities depending on individual interests and skills. Graduates of CSP Global’s Sport Management BA program are working with companies and teams such as Minnesota Twins, Tennessee Titans, Minnesota United FC, Xperience Fitness, and more.

Gain Real-World Experience with the Minnesota Twins

CSP Global is proud to offer hands-on sport management internship opportunities to students in the Twin Cities metro area, including with the Minnesota Twins, CSP Athletics, local park & recreation agencies, sports marketing firms, and others.

Admission Requirements

To apply for the online BA in Sport Management program from CSP Global, you’ll need:

  • Completed online application
  • Submit official transcripts from your previous regionally accredited institution(s) with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 based on a 4.0 system.
    • If you have attended a MNSCU college or university we also ask that you provide an official accompanying DARS or MnTC goal area worksheet. CSP Global accepts completed goal areas.
    • Transfer students with fewer than 20 college credits completed will also need to submit an official high school transcript.
  • Additional Requirements
    • Access to a computer that meets CSP Global’s technology requirements.
    • Students who do not meet initial admissions criteria may be asked to complete the academic success essay and/or provide additional documentation.


A Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Sport Management is an undergraduate degree program that focuses on providing students with knowledge and skills related to the management and administration of sports organizations, events, facilities, and teams. This type of program typically covers areas such as sports marketing, finance, law, ethics, event planning, facility management, and leadership within the context of the sports industry. Graduates with a BA in Sport Management are more prepared for various careers in the sports industry, including roles in sports administration, marketing, event management, facility management, athlete representation, and sports media.

  • KHS 220 Research Methods (Credits: 4)
  • KHS 375 Sociology of Sport and Exercise (Credits: 4)
  • KHS 390 Sport Management (Credits: 4)
  • KHS 391 Law & Sport (Credits: 4)
  • KHS 392 Marketing and Fundraising (Credits: 4)
  • KHS 393 Planning & Managing Sport Facilities (Credits: 4)
  • KHS 394 Sport Business (Credits: 4)
  • KHS 473 Biomechanics (Credits: 4)
  • KHS 474 Exercise Physiology (Credits: 4)
  • KHS 498 Internship (Credits: 8)

Total Credits: 44

Absolutely! Sport management students have the option to transfer a maximum of 90 credit hours from a regionally accredited institution toward this degree program. Our team of Transfer Specialists will assist and support you throughout the entire process.

Certainly! After completing a bachelor’s in sport management or a related field, you can pursue a graduate degree in sport management or a more specialized area within the field. In fact, in addition to the bachelor’s program, CSP Global offers a Master’s in Sport Management.

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