Women’s Health Over 40

On-demand Webinar

Women’s Health Over 40: Natural Beauty and Youthful Energy

Desi Bartlett, MS, CPT, E-RYT, the author of Total Body Beautiful and a CSP Global doctoral candidate, will present an in-depth exploration of women’s health over 40 and how to retain your youthful energy and natural beauty during a webinar on Thursday, March 30 at 3:00 p.m. ET.

According to Desi, “My webinar will empower you with knowledge of women’s changing nutritional and exercise needs. You’ll learn how to manage the signs and symptoms of aging. You’ll gain a better understanding of the impact of hormones on women’s health and how to improve energy and health naturally.”

During the webinar, Desi will cover:

  • An overview of women’s health over 40
  • Understanding hormonal changes as we age
  • Symptoms of perimenopause and menopause
  • Natural interventions through yoga, Pilates, and nutrition
  • How to self-advocate for proper care

Desi is the co-author of Total Body Beautiful, a book that explores the changes that women experience during and after pregnancy, during perimenopause, and during and after menopause. Her book will teach you how hormones affect your physical body and emotional wellness, the effects of exercise on the brain, and how nutrition affects the way you look and feel. You’ll find insider tips and client stories from celebrities and clients who the authors have worked with.

She is also the author of Your Strong, Sexy Pregnancy, which teaches you how to prioritize your health and happiness, cultivate your inner power and be a fierce, strong, sexy mom.

Be sure to bring your questions for the Q&A. You can also get your own discounted copy of celebrity-endorsed Total Body Beautiful, which includes a foreword by Kate Hudson.

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About the Presenter

Desi Bartlett MS, CPT E-RYT, has been teaching health and wellness for over 25 years. She is a dynamic motivator and widely sought after international presenter and spokesperson. Desi holds degrees in kinesiology and corporate fitness. She is currently pursuing her PhD in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Exercise Science with CSP Global. She holds advanced certifications in yoga, personal training, prenatal and postnatal fitness, and group fitness. Her list of private celebrity clients includes Alicia Silverstone, Adam Levine, Kate Hudson, Shaelene Woodley, Emma Roberts and more.