Charting Your Course: An Inside Look at the EdD and PhD Kinesiology Dissertation Process

On-demand Webinar

Discover an exclusive on-demand webinar featuring esteemed professors and insightful students offering an insider’s perspective on the EdD and PhD dissertation journey. Gain indispensable knowledge and firsthand anecdotes from current doctoral candidates, triumphant alumni, and expert faculty, all dedicated to mentoring and empowering prospective kinesiology scholars like yourself.

In this on-demand webinar we cover:

  1. Dissertation Project Varieties: Grasp the nuances between EdD and PhD projects.
  2. Milestone Navigation: Seamlessly progress through pivotal stages including:
    • Selection of topic chair
    • Formation of committee
    • Development of prospectus
    • Presentation of oral proposal
  3. Dissertation Credits and Final Defense: Receive guidance on managing dissertation credits and preparing for the ultimate defense.
  4. Student Insights: Absorb invaluable wisdom from individuals who have successfully traversed the dissertation journey, as they share personal reflections and indispensable advice.