Choosing where to apply for a doctoral program in kinesiology is an important decision for PhD candidates. This educational step will not only define the trajectory of your academic and professional careers but also impact your personal growth and network. With numerous universities offering specialized programs in kinesiology, it becomes crucial to find a place that aligns with your research interests and career goals.

CSP Global (Concordia, St. Paul) claims a spot among such institutions, touting a comprehensive online kinesiology doctoral program that promises both depth and practical application. In this blog post, we will explore what makes CSP Global stand out in the field of kinesiology. We’ll examine its curriculum, faculty expertise, research opportunities, and overall student experience to determine if it truly is the best university for aspiring kinesiology doctoral candidates.

CSP Global Kinesiology Doctorate Programs

Students seeking a doctoral degree in kinesiology will find CSP offers both a PhD & EdD in kinesiology. These two programs offer different learning opportunities and outcomes for students.

PhD in Kinesiology

The PhD in Kinesiology, led by top-tier instructors, offers a fully online curriculum with transferable credits and no GRE/GMAT or comprehensive exams required. Students engage in advanced research methods, data analysis, and technical writing, preparing them for careers in exercise physiology, human movement, and more. The program emphasizes practical experience, critical thinking, and effective communication, equipping graduates for opportunities in research, physical education, nutrition, and more.

EdD in Kinesiology

CSP Global’s EdD in Kinesiology equips students for leadership roles in corporate wellness, higher education, and professional sports, or for teaching at the post-secondary level. The program prepares graduates to work directly with clients to enhance health and athletic performance, offering practical experience in sport science and exercise training. Key skills taught include leadership and organizational management, curriculum design, program evaluation, effective communication, and research methodology, enabling graduates to make data-driven decisions and effectively manage educational programs related to physical activity and human movement.

What Makes CSP Global the Best University for Kinesiology?

CSP Global stands out as the best university for kinesiology students for several reasons.

100% Online Learning

CSP Global’s programs are completed 100% online. This online format allows students convenience and flexibility in their degrees. There’s no need to step foot on campus with this online classroom format.

Competitive Tuition Costs

CSP Global’s tuition prices are competitive and provide a high return on investment. The university offers a variety of sources to help students pay for their education, including state and federal loans, payment plans, and scholarships for those who qualify. Many students also receive tuition reimbursement from their employers.

Degree Specializations

Another standout feature of CSP Global’s kinesiology program is the number of degree specializations. Students can choose to specialize in the area of kinesiology that most interests them.

The PhD and EdD program concentrations include:

  • Exercise Science Exercise science majors learn the skills necessary to thrive in the kinesiology world.
  • Exercise Physiology – Become an exercise physiologist after attending one of the best universities for kinesiology.
  • Sports Nutrition – Gain hands-on experience in sports nutrition at the best school for kinesiology.
  • Strength & Conditioning – Learn about athletic training, motor development, and more from qualified professors.

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Comprehensive Curriculum

The doctoral programs feature a comprehensive and diverse curriculum that covers foundational knowledge and specialized skills for each concentration area.

Expert Faculty

The faculty and staff at CSP Global are highly qualified individuals with years of industry knowledge. Students can rest assured that they are learning from the best.

Transfer Credit Policy

CSP Global offers a generous transfer credit policy.

Those who have earned their DC, OTD, or DPT may qualify for up to 21 transfer credits.

Those who have earned their Master of Science in Exercise Science at Concordia University, St. Paul may qualify for 24 transfer credits.

Those with relevant master’s or doctoral credits from other colleges can transfer in up to 21 credits.

No Test Score Requirements

There is no testing requirement (GMAT/GRE) to apply for our doctorate in kinesiology programs. We consider your past performance as the best indicator of your future success. We’ll look at your prior college transcripts and request a writing sample showing that you can complete college-level writing.

These differentiating factors should be helpful in your decision process. CSP Global sits among the top universities for a kinesiology doctorate.

Navigating the Enrollment Process

If CSP Global sounds like a good fit for your needs, you’re probably curious about the enrollment process.

The application process for CSP Global’s doctorate program in kinesiology is straightforward and does not require GRE or GMAT tests, often seen as obstacles by many candidates for kinesiology schools.

Completing the online application is free and quick, taking less than 10 minutes. Candidates must provide the email addresses of two recommenders, either from a professional or academic background, during the application process. These recommenders will be contacted via email to complete and return a recommendation form.

Additionally, applicants must submit a professional goal statement, a writing sample including APA citations and a reference page, and their CV or resume. The primary document required at the application stage is the email addresses of the recommenders.

CSP Global also requires an official transcript from your most recent master’s or doctoral program with a GPA of at least 3.0.

The admissions committee will review all submitted materials before forwarding them for official evaluation, and admissions specialists are available to help with any inquiries or issues applicants may have.

Learn about one graduate’s experience in CSP Global’s kinesiology doctoral program.

Apply Today to the Best Kinesiology Programs

CSP Global is proud to stand as one of the best schools for students seeking a doctoral degree in kinesiology. With both EdD and PhD programs in four concentrations, our university offers a tailored experience for each student.

Interested in learning more about our kinesiology programs? Speak with an admissions specialist today or apply online!

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