Earning your doctoral degree is one of the biggest academic undertakings an individual can pursue. In addition to rigorous coursework, students have to complete and pass a comprehensive exam, and produce a dissertation. While it can seem overwhelming to try to earn your doctorate and maintain your career and personal life, an online PhD or EdD program could help you earn your degree. There are many benefits to earning your doctorate online, as opposed to a more traditional, on-campus format.

Maintain your career

Earning your degree online means you don’t have to commit time to traveling to campus or attending courses in person, and you don’t have to log in at certain times to complete coursework. This means you can continue your career while earning your degree, by dedicating spare time outside of work to your studies.

Rather than taking several years off of full-time work, or moving to part-time work, an online program ensures you can stay on track with your career while earning your degree.

Earn your degree from anywhere

An online format allows you to earn your degree from anywhere in the country. If there’s no exercise science doctorate program near you that meets your expectations, Concordia University St. Paul’s Doctorate in Kinesiology provides you the opportunity to earn your doctorate from an accredited university with expert faculty.

Balance learning with family obligations

Earning your degree online makes it easier to balance work, school, and your personal life. Because you never have to log in at a certain time, you can make sure you have time for everything from date nights to your children’s sporting events. Earning your doctorate doesn’t mean the important things in your life should be put on hold, and Concordia University St. Paul’s program is designed to make sure you can have balance in your life.

Start today

Concordia University St. Paul’s Doctorate in Kinesiology program offers a PhD and EdD option to prepare you for research, academic, and leadership roles in exercise science. With transfer credit and financial aid options available, Concordia University St. Paul makes it possible to earn your doctorate. Interested? Learn more about our PhD in Kinesiology, or learn about our EdD in Kinesiology.

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