Embarking on the transformative journey of higher education is a monumental decision, one that recent graduate Denise Howard approached with a mix of excitement and determination.  

The initial spark for pursuing a Kinesiology Doctoral Program at CSP Global stemmed from a deep passion for merging theoretical knowledge with practical applications. Denise mentioned that she was driven by the desire to take classes that would apply to her career, and she saw the program as the perfect avenue to refine her expertise. 

Choosing the Right Path 

Delving further into Denise’s experiences, the program’s effectiveness manifested in several ways. Not only did she find the curriculum intellectually stimulating, but the hands-on learning opportunities allowed her to immediately integrate classroom insights into her professional endeavors. Denise said, “The choice to pursue a Kinesiology Doctoral Degree at CSP was not merely about acquiring a qualification; it was about embracing a comprehensive approach to education that resonated with the vision I had for my career.” 

Affordable Excellence 

CSP Global’s stellar reputation for offering high-quality, yet affordable programs, was a major draw for Denise. The program’s financial accessibility was not just a matter of convenience but a testament to the institution’s dedication to breaking down barriers to education.  

Family and Community 

The sense of family extended beyond the confines of academic pursuits. Small class sizes fostered an intimate and supportive learning environment. Instructors were not just educators; they became mentors, guiding Denise through challenges and celebrating her victories. Denise said, “CSP fostered a sense of community through dedicated spaces for knowledge sharing and networking. As a student, I appreciated the opportunity to connect with peers, fostering collaboration and camaraderie.” 

Diverse Perspectives 

Diversity proved to be a catalyst for a well-rounded education. Interacting with classmates from diverse backgrounds enriched the learning experience, offering perspectives that transcended traditional boundaries. CSP’s commitment to inclusivity created an environment where different viewpoints were not only welcomed but celebrated. Denise stated, “The inclusivity of CSP fostered a space where I could learn and grow, both academically and personally.” 

Support Systems in Place 

Navigating the intricate path of a doctoral program is no small feat, and Denise was quick to emphasize the robust support systems in place. The commitment to student success was not a mere slogan but a lived reality, evident in moments of challenge where instructors stepped up, ensuring Denise felt empowered to conquer any obstacle. “I always felt completely supported,” said Denise. “CSP’s supporting and nurturing environment empowered me to take control of my education. Stress management, work-life balance, and the delicate art of dissertation writing were all elements delicately balanced with the guidance of a carefully curated support team.” 

Challenges Did Exist 

Denise shared some of the challenges she faced; “It was difficult balancing life. I work full-time and part-time and am a mom, wife, dog mom, homeowner, and ultrarunner. I had to be disciplined with my time. I did homework every morning from 5–7 AM and completed assignments on weekends. The online program provided the freedom to tailor assignments to align with my specific interests and professional focus,” explained Denise. 

She went on to share, “high-quality writing is expected in a doctorate program. CSP offers Grammarly for free to active students, which helped improve my writing skills. I also spent extra time early in the program fine-tuning my APA writing skills with CSP’s resources.” 

A Resounding Recommendation 

Denise’s unequivocal recommendation of CSP Global and the Kinesiology Doctoral Program echoed not just satisfaction but genuine gratitude. Her endorsement is not just a nod to the quality of education but a recognition of the institution’s culture of continuous improvement, actively seeking ways to enhance the program’s quality. 

Since Graduation 

Denise shared, “Since graduating, I have taken on extra responsibilities at work. I am a department chair for a college kinesiology program. I have also begun teaching Research Methods, a course I never thought I could teach before finishing the program. Now that I have completed my studies, I have time to volunteer again, with renewed enthusiasm.” 

In Conclusion 

Denise’s journey through Concordia St Paul’s Kinesiology Doctoral Program is just one example of the transformative power of education. With affordability, flexibility, community, and unwavering support, the program laid the foundation for a seamless transition from student to graduate.  

Denise emerges not just as a recipient of knowledge but as a leader, ready to make a meaningful impact in the dynamic field of Kinesiology. Her recommendation stands as a testament to the harmonious blend of academic rigor, community support, and personal growth—a narrative that CSP Global continues to script for aspiring individuals eager to embrace the boundless possibilities of higher education.

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