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A Kinesiology EdD degree from CSP Global positions students for leadership roles in corporate wellness, higher education or professional sports organizations. Alternatively, it prepares doctoral students for teaching at the post-secondary level and fosters academic and professional growth. Graduates with an EdD in Kinesiology often engage directly with clients to enhance their health and athletic capabilities. This program provides valuable professional experience in sports science and exercise training, paving the way for a rewarding career in health sciences.

Kinesiology Online Doctoral Program Overview

  • Program Type: 100% Online Program
  • Degree: Doctor of Education (EdD)
  • Total Credits: 61 (49 hours of coursework & 12 hours of dissertation)

Kinesiology Online Doctoral Program Concentrations


PhD vs. EdD in Kinesiology

Wondering which type of kinesiology degree is right for you? Here are some defining differences between these doctoral programs.

PhD in Kinesiology

  • Research-focused, ideal for academia and research careers
  • Features a capstone with a research-intensive dissertation
  • Opportunities in teaching, research and consultancy
  • Specialization in specific kinesiology areas

EdD in Kinesiology

  • Applied approach, suitable for educational and leadership roles
  • Emphasizes problem-solving and practical application
  • Centered around a focus on real-world challenges
  • Careers in educational and organizational leadership
female personal trainer preparing hurdles for 4 athletes.


Exercise Science

Dive into the science behind human movement and physical activity to understand how exercise impacts health and performance.

Exercise Physiology

Explore the physiological responses of the human body to exercise, enhancing your knowledge of the mechanisms behind athletic performance.

Exercise and Sports Nutrition

Learn how nutrition influences exercise, sports performance and overall health, gaining expertise in optimizing dietary strategies for athletes and active individuals.

Strength and Conditioning

Focus on developing specialized skills in designing and implementing strength and conditioning programs to enhance athletic performance and reduce the risk of injury.

Why Choose CSP Global’s EdD in Kinesiology Online?

Our EdD program in kinesiology distinguishes itself through a combination of outstanding faculty, real-world applicable coursework and a commitment to excellence in the field. Here are some key reasons why you should consider our program:

1. Expert Faculty

Our program is led by a dedicated team of experienced faculty members who are renowned in the field of kinesiology. They bring a wealth of knowledge and practical expertise to the virtual classroom, ensuring that you receive a high-quality education.

2. Flexibility

We understand the challenges of balancing work, family and education. That’s why our online format provides the flexibility you need to pursue your EdD without sacrificing your current commitments. You can access course materials and engage in discussions at your convenience, making it easier to fit education into your current life circumstances.

3. Cutting-Edge Curriculum

Our curriculum is designed to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of kinesiology, covering topics such as exercise science, sports management, biomechanics and more. You’ll also explore educational leadership, research methods and data analysis to develop the skills required to be a successful scholar-practitioner.

4. Research Opportunities

Throughout the program, you’ll have the opportunity to engage in research projects that align with your interests and career goals. Our faculty will mentor you as you conduct meaningful research that contributes to the advancement of kinesiology.

5. Career Advancement

An EdD in Kinesiology opens doors to leadership roles in education, sports management, research and more. Whether you aspire to become a department chair, athletic director or educational consultant, our program will prepare you for success.

What You’ll Learn

In our EdD in Kinesiology program at CSP Global, you will gain a comprehensive and well-rounded education that equips you with the knowledge and skills needed for success in leadership roles within the field of kinesiology. Here’s an overview of what you’ll learn:

1. Advanced Kinesiology Principles

  • Explore the foundational principles of kinesiology, including biomechanics, exercise physiology and motor control
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of human movement and its impact on overall health and athletic performance

2. Leadership and Management

  • Develop strong leadership and management skills essential for roles in corporate wellness and sports organizations
  • Learn how to effectively lead teams, develop programs and make strategic decisions in kinesiology-related settings

3. Educational Pedagogy

  • If you are pursuing a teaching career, you’ll delve into educational pedagogy, instructional design and curriculum development
  • Learn how to create engaging and effective educational experiences for students in higher education settings

4. Research Methodology

  • Acquire research skills necessary for designing and conducting studies in kinesiology
  • Learn how to critically analyze research findings and contribute to the advancement of knowledge in the field

5. Health Promotion and Wellness

  • Explore strategies for promoting health and wellness in diverse populations
  • Gain the expertise to design and implement effective wellness programs aimed at improving individuals’ overall well-being
Female soccer team and coach gathering hands on soccer field.

6. Sports Performance Enhancement

  • For those interested in professional sports organizations, learn techniques to optimize athletic performance and prevent injuries
  • Understand the latest advancements in sports science and training methodologies

7. Data Analysis and Decision-Making

  • Develop proficiency in data analysis and interpretation, enabling you to make evidence-based decisions
  • Use data to drive improvements in kinesiology programs, health outcomes or athletic performance

8. Communication and Interpersonal Skills

  • Hone your communication and interpersonal skills, vital for working closely with clients and teams
  • Learn effective strategies for conveying complex kinesiology concepts to diverse audiences

9. Ethical and Legal Considerations

  • Understand the ethical and legal aspects of kinesiology practice, ensuring that you operate within ethical boundaries and comply with industry regulations

10. Dissertation or Capstone Project

  • If pursuing a research-oriented path, you will undertake a dissertation, contributing to the field’s knowledge
  • For those focusing on practical applications, you may complete a capstone project addressing a real-world kinesiology challenge

Our EdD in Kinesiology program at CSP Global is designed to provide you with a well-rounded and practical education that prepares you for leadership roles in corporate wellness, higher education, professional sports or post-secondary teaching.

Whether you aspire to enhance individual health, athletic performance or contribute to kinesiology research, this program equips you with the expertise and skills necessary for success in your chosen career path.

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Charting Your Course: An Inside Look at the EdD and PhD Kinesiology Dissertation Process

This special webinar features two professors alongside several students, providing an inside look at the EdD and PhD dissertation process. You’ll gain invaluable insights and hear firsthand experiences from current doctoral students, successful graduates, and knowledgeable staff, all committed to guiding and supporting aspiring kinesiology doctoral candidates like you.

Core Program Faculty

Dr Buns Headshot

Dr. Matthew Buns

Associate Professor of Kinesiology and Health Science
Director of the Doctorate in Kinesiology

Dr. Buns’s research examines the mechanisms of expertise in sport and the psychological and cognitive factors associated with motor skills. Dr. Buns has published more than 25 scholarly articles in sport and exercise science and is the founding editor of the Track and Cross Country Journal. Learn more about Dr. Buns here.

Dr Katie Fischer Headshot

Dr. Katie Fischer

Associate VP for Academic Affairs and Strategic Program Development

Dr. Fischer’s background in higher education includes administration of in-class and online programs, development of new programs, and collaborative programming. Her academic focus includes public health, epidemiology, leadership, and program administration. Learn more about Dr. Fischer here.

Dr Lana Huberty Headshot

Dr. Lana Huberty

Dean of the College of Kinesiology, Associate Professor of Kinesiology and Health Sciences

Dr. Huberty brings with her a wealth of industry practice in both private and public sport and recreation settings. Research interests and publications focus on sport marketing and sponsorship, gender diversity within sport management, and sport leadership. Learn more about Dr. Huberty here.