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PhD & EdD in Kinesiology

Doctorate In Kinesiology Concentrations

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The Value of a PhD in Kinesiology

Kinesiology_Value of a Doctorate

CSP Global’s kinesiology doctoral programs are taught by world-class instructors and provides students with opportunities to gain real-world experience in the field of health sciences. Our PhD program offers easily transferable credits from past educational institutions, 100% online learning, no GRE/GMAT or comprehensive exam required, and opens up the door to many career opportunities in exercise physiology and human movement.

Students can expect to learn deep research methods, complete a research dissertation, and graduate feeling ready to further their careers. The field of kinesiology offers graduates many opportunities in research, physical education, nutrition, and more.

Skills You’ll Learn

In CSP Global’s Kinesiology PhD degree program, students can expect to learn:

Advanced research methods: You will learn advanced research methods and techniques used in the study of human movement and physical activity. This includes experimental design, statistical analysis, and qualitative research methods.

Data analysis: You will gain expertise in analyzing large datasets and interpreting statistical results to draw meaningful conclusions.

Technical writing: You will learn how to prepare research manuscripts, grant applications, and scientific presentations in a clear and concise manner.

Critical thinking: You will develop critical thinking skills that enable you to evaluate research findings, identify research gaps, and propose innovative research ideas.

Collaboration and communication: You will learn how to effectively collaborate with researchers from different disciplines and communicate research findings to diverse audiences, including policymakers and the general public.

The Value of an EdD in Kinesiology

EdD in Kinesiology

An EdD in Kinesiology from CSP Global prepares students to pursue leadership roles within corporate wellness, higher education, and professional sports organizations, or teach at the post-secondary level. Typically, those with an EdD in Kinesiology will work firsthand with clients to improve their health or athletic performance. Gain professional experience in sport science and exercise training to prepare for entering the world of health professions.

Skills You’ll Learn

In CSP Global’s Kinesiology EdD degree program, students can expect to learn:

Leadership: You will develop leadership skills that enable you to lead and manage educational programs related to physical activity and human movement. This includes skills such as strategic planning, organizational management, and decision-making.

Curriculum design: You will learn how to design, develop, and implement educational curricula related to physical activity and human movement. This includes developing learning objectives, designing instructional materials, and evaluating student performance.

Program evaluation: You will learn how to evaluate educational programs related to physical activity and human movement using both quantitative and qualitative methods. This includes assessing program effectiveness, identifying areas for improvement, and making data-driven decisions.

Communication and advocacy: You will develop communication and advocacy skills that enable you to effectively communicate with stakeholders, including policymakers, educators, and the general public. This includes skills such as public speaking, persuasive writing, and media relations.

Research and scholarship: You will gain an understanding of research methods and how to conduct scholarly research related to physical activity and human movement. This includes developing research questions, designing studies, analyzing data, and disseminating research findings.

Career Opportunities for PhD or EdD in Kinesiology

With a doctorate in the field of kinesiology from CSP Global, you will be set up for success in your future career. Here are what some of our graduates go on to do after graduation:

  • Consultant
  • Program coordinator
  • Dietician or nutritionist
  • Health educator
  • Exercise physiologist
  • Health, research, or sports scientist
  • Post-secondary biometrics
  • Exercise science teacher
  • Nutrition teacher
  • Public health professional
  • Professor
  • Researcher

Benefits of Advanced Online Programs

Benefits Of Advanced Online Programs

In an era dominated by technological advancements, CSP Global’s 100% online doctoral programs in kinesiology (both PhD and EdD) promise not only flexibility but also a robust, immersive learning experience, designed meticulously by our premier faculty. Embracing an online learning journey brings along a spectrum of benefits that complement your academic and professional development.

Accessibility and Flexibility

Advanced online human health programs grant you the privilege of accessing top-notch education from anywhere across the globe. You are no longer stuck in a specific geographic location and can pursue your doctoral degree while honoring other personal and professional commitments. This flexibility is pivotal for working professionals, parents, or those with varying schedules, as it allows for a more personalized learning pace and schedule.

Rich Learning Environments

Our online physical education programs leverage cutting-edge technology and innovative instructional design to create rich, engaging and interactive learning environments. Live webinars, interactive forums and digital resources provide a dynamic educational experience, enhancing your ability to grasp and apply complex concepts related to human movement and physical activity.

Networking Opportunities

Despite being online, our program development offers ample opportunities to network with peers, faculty and professionals in the field of kinesiology. Through online forums, webinars and group projects, you’ll connect and collaborate with individuals from diverse backgrounds and geographical locations, thereby enriching your perspective and establishing valuable professional connections.

Incorporating Real-World Applications

The online PhD and EdD in kinesiology programs at CSP Global are tailored to blend theory with practical application. Our curriculum is saturated with real-world case studies, problem-solving scenarios, and applied research projects that empower you to transfer academic knowledge to tangible, real-world applications, enhancing your proficiency and confidence in your field.

Continuous Support and Resources

From the inception of your program to its culmination, you will be surrounded by a network of support, including access to faculty, technical support, advisors of academic merit and a wealth of digital resources. CSP Global is steadfast in ensuring that your online learning journey is smooth, providing you with the necessary tools and assistance every step of the way.

Joining CSP Global’s advanced online programs allows you to pave a path toward academic excellence and professional development without borders, ensuring that your learning is unhindered and deeply rooted in real-world application. Dive into a learning experience where quality, accessibility and practicality converge, empowering you to push advancements in the dynamic field of kinesiology.

Resources for Prospective Students

Navigating Enrollment: Your Journey to a Doctorate in Kinesiology

In this recorded session, our supportive specialists share invaluable insights and tips with aspiring candidates like yourself. You will benefit from hearing expert guidance on the enrollment process provided by experienced staff members. Navigating the enrollment process can be confusing, but with their extensive knowledge, they can help you make informed decisions about your academic and career goals.

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