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Online PhD In Exercise Science

Enroll for July 2024. Become an expert in your field with a doctorate in kinesiology.

Elevate Your Career with a PhD in Exercise Science

At CSP Global, our meticulously crafted online PhD in exercise science program bolsters your expertise and sets you apart in the innovative field of exercise science. Gain advanced knowledge, practical skills and unravel the cutting-edge of human performance. This exercise science PhD program explores injury prevention and wellness management through a lens of scientific inquiry.

Why is a PhD in Exercise Science Essential for Your Career?

Profound Expertise

Unlock an in-depth understanding and mastery over key concepts, research methodologies, and practical applications in exercise science.

Global Recognition

A PhD is universally acknowledged as the pinnacle of academic achievement, propelling your credentials to a global stage.

Academic Leadership

Create, lead, and inspire through academic and research positions, influencing the next generation and driving forward the field of exercise science.

Innovation and Development

Be the catalyst for innovation, developing new strategies, methods, and technologies that advance our understanding and application of exercise science.

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Online Learning for the Mid-Career Professional

Health professionals often find themselves at a crossroads—wanting to elevate their expertise while balancing ongoing work commitments and personal obligations. The online PhD in exercise science at CSP Global is an innovative solution, offering advanced education and adaptable learning, particularly catered for those well-immersed in their career journey.

Global Access, Local Convenience

Engage with a world-class curriculum without relocating or compromising your professional or personal commitments. Access your coursework, resources and network from anywhere, at any time.

Flexible Learning Environment

Structured with your busy schedule in mind, our program allows you to learn at your own pace, ensuring that your educational journey aligns seamlessly with your professional life.

Networking Opportunities

Connect with like-minded professionals, academicians, and researchers from around the globe, fostering collaborations, and enriching your professional network without geographical barriers.

Skills with Immediate Applicability

Our curriculum is crafted with a balance of theoretical depth and practical applicability, enabling you to integrate cutting-edge skills into your professional repertoire immediately.

No Compromise on Personal Time

Pursue your Ph.D. without sacrificing precious moments with your family and loved ones. Be physically present while propelling your career forward academically.

Accelerate Career Progression

Armed with new knowledge and skills, become a key influencer in your current role and harness improved career prospects, all while continuing in your present position.

A Learning Experience Designed For You

The online PhD in exercise science from CSP Global represents more than an academic journey; it’s a tailor-made pathway allowing mid-career professionals to propel their expertise to the next echelon without pausing their career trajectory. Engage with a learning experience designed with you at its core – flexible, accessible, and unreservedly relevant.

Take a Step Forward with CSP Global – Where Your Career and Learning Advances

Skills Developed through CSP Global’s Exercise Science PhD

Embarking on the journey with CSP Global’s exercise science PhD degree program immerses students in a multifaceted learning experience, including:

  • Mastering Research Techniques: Immerse yourself in sophisticated research methodologies and approaches prevalent in human movement. Grasp the nuances of experimental framing, statistical review, and qualitative research strategies.
  • Navigating Through Data: Acquire proficiency in dissecting substantial datasets and translating statistical outcomes into insightful conclusions that show findings and inform further research.
  • Articulating Scientific Narratives: Cultivate the ability to craft research papers and devise scientific presentations with clarity and precision, translating complex data into accessible information.
  • Sharpening Analytical Prowess: Develop the ability to scrutinize research results critically, pinpoint existing research voids, and conceptualize inventive research propositions through honed analytical capabilities.

Through the PhD program, students don’t merely learn; they transform into adept professionals capable of steering the future of exercise science research.

Benefits of Enrolling with CSP Global

Cutting-Edge Online Learning

Experience the pinnacle of digital education with our innovative, interactive and flexible online learning environment.

World-Class Faculty

Learn from an elite cadre of experienced educators and researchers who are global leaders in the field of exercise science.

Global Network

Become a part of a worldwide network of professionals and researchers, fostering collaborations and expanding your career horizons.

Practical Skill Development

Engage in a curriculum that balances theoretical knowledge with practical skills, preparing you for the multidimensional challenges of the field.

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Core Program Faculty

Dr Buns Headshot

Dr. Matthew Buns

Associate Professor of Kinesiology and Health Science
Director of the Doctorate in Kinesiology

Dr. Buns’s research examines the mechanisms of expertise in sport and the psychological and cognitive factors associated with motor skills. Dr. Buns has published more than 25 scholarly articles in sport and exercise science and is the founding editor of the Track and Cross Country Journal. Learn more about Dr. Buns here.

Dr Katie Fischer Headshot

Dr. Katie Fischer

Associate VP for Academic Affairs and Strategic Program Development

Dr. Fischer’s background in higher education includes administration of in-class and online programs, development of new programs, and collaborative programming. Her academic focus includes public health, epidemiology, leadership, and program administration. Learn more about Dr. Fischer here.

Dr Lana Huberty Headshot

Dr. Lana Huberty

Dean of the College of Kinesiology, Associate Professor of Kinesiology and Health Sciences

Dr. Huberty brings with her a wealth of industry practice in both private and public sport and recreation settings. Research interests and publications focus on sport marketing and sponsorship, gender diversity within sport management, and sport leadership. Learn more about Dr. Huberty here.