If you’re thinking about going to grad school for exercise science, you may be wondering how to balance time, set and complete goals, and where to seek out expert knowledge that will move your degree and career forward. 

Here’s our list of our six favorite podcasts that we think should be on everyone’s subscription list. They cover topics such as peak performance, sports nutrition, injury prevention, and sport science, as well as issues important to grad school and especially doctoral programs.

Hello PhD

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This podcast by PhD graduates Joshua Hall and Daniel Arneman explores the wide world of grad school, giving advice on writing peer reviews, tips for finding a good mentor, and answering listener questions, like “How do I explain bad grades on my transcript?’ and “How do you stay motivated in grad school?” Episodes can range from 35 minutes to just over an hour.

We Do Science

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This podcast is ideal for studying sports nutrition. Dr. Laurent Bannock brings in experts within the sports nutrition field as they explore topics such as supplements, nutrition myths and facts, diet recommendations, and nutrition needs for different types of athletes. Episodes can run one to two hours and are good for those seeking a longer listen.


This Nike-produced podcast hosted by their senior director of performance Ryan Flaherty started in 2018. It features athletes, scientists and doctors, giving advice, insight, and inspiration. Their topics cover five different aspects of health: mindset, movement, nutrition, recovery, and sleep. Episodes on average are around a half an hour. 

Pacey Performance Podcast

The Pacey Performance Podcast hosted by Rob Pacey features interviews each week with individuals all throughout the exercise science industry, from coaches to scientists to professors to CEOs. Each episode goes into the background of the guest and engaging deep dives into each guest’s particular field.

The Real Science of Sport Podcast

Sports scientist Ross Tucker and sports journalist Mike Finch teamed up for this podcast that covers myths, controversies and the latest research surrounding the world of sports. Episodes occasionally include interviews with different sports experts. Episodes typically run from 45 to 90 minutes. 


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