At Concordia St. Paul, our dissertation process is innovative and unique, and built to help you develop and defend a successful dissertation. Check out the infographic below for more on what makes our dissertation process different.


CSP Dissertation Process vs. Traditional Dissertations

There are several key differences between Concordia St. Paul’s dissertation process and that of a traditional dissertation process.

In a traditional process, you can only begin your dissertation once your coursework is fully completed. It is separate from the traditional curriculum, and is something you complete on your own structure. The research completed in a traditional dissertation tends to apply to broad contexts, and answer general questions within the field. Additionally, it’s typically a university-led process, where students acquiesce to faculty requirements.

In Concordia St. Paul’s process, you begin your dissertation within the 4th semester, with the Seminar in Kinesiology courses, where you can formulate your dissertation while still completing coursework. The dissertation focuses on action-based research, aimed to solve real world problems in kinesiology, especially within the EdD program. Above all, it is a student-led process, where students have autonomy in their own education.

We’re convinced that our PhD and EdD in Kinesiology from Concordia St. Paul will prepare you with industry-relevant experience and knowledge to kick start your career. Request information today to learn more.

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